Diary of Christopher Columbus

Diario De Christopher Columbus First Voyage to America 1492-1493

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Caribbean Quotes From the Diary of Christopher Columbus:

Nov 7th 1492:  “May our Lord in whose hands are all successes arrange all this as shall be best for his glory.”

Nov 25th, 1492:  “Everything I have thus far discovered has been superior to what preceded it whether it be lands & forests….”

Dec 4th, 1492:  “Nevertheless if it pleases Our Lord, I will see as much as I can and little by little go on learning what they say.”

Dec 12, 1492:  When gold was offered, Columbus would kneel and say “Let us give thanks to our Lord who has made us worthy to discover such great treasures.”

Dec 18th, 1492:  “May our Lord who has all things as His gift come to my help and grant me as shall be for His service.”

Jan 7th,  1493:  Our Lord miraculously ordained that this ship the Pinta should remain in that place for it is the best situation…”

Jan 17th, 1493:  “I have faith that our Lord who brought me here will in His mercy and loving kindness watch over my return.”

A day in April, 1493:  “With the blessing of our Lord this deed shall prove the greatest glory that has thus far ever been accomplished.”

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